The Bone Goat

 The Bone Houses Preorder Offer

To celebrate the book’s upcoming release, I’m offering an exclusive short story from the perspective of the book’s most beloved character:

The undead goat.

Yes, you read that right.

There is a short story from the perspective of an undead goat.

Why? Because the goat is everyone’s favorite character. No, really. Even Kirkus called her “strangely adorable."

In the course of revising this book, I ended up cutting a chapter from the goat’s POV. It needed to be cut for the sake of pacing, but I always mourned that chapter because... well, it was really fun. While the heroes are off saving the lands from zombies, the goat is having a little adventure of her own. When I was considering what preorder incentives I would like to work on, I remembered that chapter. So I decided to polish it up, write a little bit more, and give the Bone Goat the story she deserved.

To receive access to the story, simply preorder THE BONE HOUSES from your favorite retailer and fill out this Google survey form.

Or you can email proof of purchase to thebonehousespreorder (@) gmail . com.

(Fun fact - you can preorder signed copies of the book from Powell’s!)

The details: I’ll run this through the first week of the book’s release until October 1st. Participants will receive exclusive access to the short story on that date.